Young toddlers are fascinated by “peek a boo.” Build off this classic game and set up this simple activity for your little one
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    We are situated right on the main road, making it east to spot our building and entrance.
Overview As top 10 best schools in Gauteng
Overview As most innovated schools with tech lab
Overview As first school with proper eLearning
A global player in education across South Africa.

Teaching and learning has changed, so you need an institution that is agile, stays ahead of change, and can stand up to the challenges of the new academic demands.

Principal : Destiny House
DestinyHouse Universal School has a fully inclusive culture and it is our expectation that every single pupil can and will succeed.We have a learning environment that allows all pupils to flourish through mutual respect and a strong desire to achieve.

Academics Overview

Academic education is one of the great challenges of the 21st Century. We live in a society that is changing with exponential rapidity. The society is influenced by shifting technologies, a demand for people with entrepreneurial thinking, and new skills set to compete on the job market.

Junior Primary

A good start is similar to breakfast, our Grade R, Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3 is all about happiness for young pupils. It`s learning with play, nothing more, nothing less.

Senior Primary(Grade 4,5 & 6)

The mid developmental Grade 4, Grade 5, Grade 6 is the most important to a better student.At Destiny House, we get it right with our high rated program.

High School(Grades 7,8 & 9)

Our highest Grade 7, Grade 8 and Grade 9 classes come with flare and fun but tutorial environment for students, with dedicated, qualified teachers at hand.
Our innovated institution will help your child reach for clouds and succeed. Let’s get started

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We believe that warm environments for learners and close partnership with parents is the only
way to have a real impact on their educational success.
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