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We are an independent school, offering tuition to learners from Grade R to 9.

Situated in the Central Business District of Benoni within a walking distance of bus and taxi transport, shopping amenities and the magnificent lake.

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Mission and vision

To be the best independent school catering for middle- and lower-income communities in Ekurhuleni.

Meet the our team

Professionaly trained and are further accredited by the South African Educators Council (SACE)

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What we do

At DestinyHouse Universal School we believe that education can transform the lives of young people enabling them to be successful adults. We also believe that there are no barriers to learning that cannot be overcome. We strive for educational excellence in every lesson, every day through a climate of high expectations, which are actively promoted in all aspects of school life.
  • Our Breif history
    DestinyHouse Universal Schools is a member of the Destiny Group that was established in 2016. The Destiny Group has produced excellent matric results in all the three years of sitting for the National Senior Certificate Examinations (NSC). In 2019 Destiny Charter Schools was awarded a certificate of excellence by the department of education, (D11).

    DestinyHouse is one of the four (4) schools that are being operated by the Destiny Group. DestinyHouse will open in 2021 and will progressively grow up to Grade 12. As our moto says “Inspire to Aspire” we aspire to produce learners who can read with understanding and apply what is learnt in a meaningful way. .
  • Our Vision
    DestinyHouse Universal Schools – has a vision to deliver quality education as well as identify and support young people’s abilities and innovations in the field of SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY, and promote dynamic diversity .
  • Mission Statement
    Maximizing the enjoyment of learning and achievement for all learners within a compassionate and democratic school culture.
    • • Learning
    • • Integrity
    • • Excellence
    • • Perseverance
    • • Respect
  • School Governing Body
    The School Governing Body (SGB) is the key strategic decision-making body of the school. It is responsible for setting the school’s strategic framework, ensuring that the school has a long-term strategic vision. The governing body agrees the strategic priorities, aims and objectives for the school and agree the policies, plans and targets for how to achieve them. They check on progress and review regularly their strategic framework for the school in the light of that progress.
    Role of the SGB includes:
    • • Building a productive and supportive relationship with the Head teacher/ Principal while holding him/her to account for school performance and taking hard strategic decisions in the light of objective data;
    • • Ensuring that the staff has the necessary skills, competency and capacity to discharge its responsibilities, including challenging the school to bring about improvement and hold leaders to account for performance and discipline.
    • • The Governors undertake their duties through a series of meetings held on a quarterly basis, at least four (4) times per year.
    • • The governing body delegates the responsibility of managing the school to the Principal and his School Management Team (SMT) and ensures that plans that are set, approved, implemented, and monitored by the SGB.
    • • Approving the strategy and policies developed by management.

    Executive Management
    • • Responsible for the day to day running of the school.
    • • Dealing with the quality and standards of education throughout the school.
    • • Monitoring the performance of the school and reviewing the school curriculum.
    • • Ensuring that the school complies with the regulatory requirements.
    Ensuring that resources are used in compliance with the regulatory requirement.
  • Accreditation
    All general and further education institutions that offer a South African curriculum must be accredited by Umalusi (the Council for Quality Assurance in General and Further Education and Training).

    Umalusi Council sets and monitors standards for general and further education and training in South Africa in accordance with the National Qualifications Framework Act No 67 of 2008and the General and Further Education and Training Quality Assurance Act No 58 of 2001.

    The Council is tasked with the development and management of a sub-framework of qualifications for general and further education and training and for the attendant quality assurance.
We know that to get the best out of a child, both in terms of learning and their personal development, they need to feel supported, listened to and secure; and above all enjoy learning. Your child is not treated just as a number but a learner with unique gifts that need to be matured, grow and refined. That’s exactly what we do for our learners in helping them develop into confident and articulate individuals.

  • Our Values
    Commitment to excellence – in every aspect of school life;

    Diversity in achievement – both in academic and extra mural activity achievement, Strength of character – to find that spark in every student to become an independent-thinking and self- reliant individual, ready to experience academic success, personal growth and fulfilment;

    • Rights with responsibilities – we expect all members of the school community to act with fairness, dignity and respect towards others at all times;

    • Community in action – we expect all members of the school to take pride in being part of both Destiny House Universal Schools community and the wider local community.
  • COVID-19 safety measures
    In the context of COVID-19, a number of safety preconditions are necessary before schools can be reopened. Here, we list safety guidelines for the reopening of schools from the Department of Basic Education itself, as well as other reliable guidelines necessary for the reopening of schools.
  • Guidelines and Rules
    Every learner at the school is bound by this code of conduct. 1 General rules. 1.1 Learners shall support the executive head and members of staff to establish and maintain good order and an environment and conditions in which the process of teaching and learning can take place. In particular, learners shall be required to obey and promptly carry out any instructions reasonably given by the executive head, any educator or class leader to this end. 1.2 In their dealings with one another, learners shall be required to show mutual respect and tolerance. In particular, learners shall refrain from any conduct calculated to harm the physical, mental or moral welfare of any other learners, or which may have that result.
  • Our Culture
    All children are unique and learn in different ways and at different rates; our highly qualified staff and our generous staff ratios enable us to cater for the needs of each individual and to focus on specific areas of child development.
  • and we are.
    A community of lifelong learners, responsible global citizens, and champions of our own success.

Let us Grow together

Destiny House Universal Sschools offers ongoing assessment system that supports good instruction.